Skill based routing is part of the basics of a customer service center’s daily operations. We go beyond though and focus on keeping our teams multi-language-skilled, with an average of a three-languages-proficiency, one of which is usually English. This approach enables us to successfully handle even the tiniest one-seat-projects and allows us to meet even the most challenging SLA’s.

Considering today’s focus on enhancing the final customer’s experience by operating multi- or even omni-channel-based, not only speaking fluency is required, but also appropriate editing skills as well as the ability of reliably following and handling complex processes – never forgetting though to stick to the script and stay within bounds. But with a human touch.

We value our agents and their talents; we support their professional evolution with constant training and coaching; we make sure the implemented technology, tools and systems enable comfortable work flows and processes, improving productivity and keeping our quality level continuously high.